Fehn Musical Owl Mobile F71252

by Fehn
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# 4001998071252
Musical mobile for taking away flexibly attachment to travel cot & crib - for babies and toddlers 0-5 months
  • The cuddly friend's fox, hedgehog, and owl accompany the baby on travels and on the way to dreamland: the popular lullaby gently cradles the baby to sleep
  • The soft ring with figures can be removed by day for playing - the colors and materials provide visual attraction and support the baby´s awareness
  • Big joy for small discoverers: the three toys support the curiosity and playing fun – rattle, squeak, and animal sound train playfully baby´s senses from birth on
  • Thanks to the foldable clamp mounting the travel mobile can be attached flexibly to a travel cot or crib and thus is a devoted sleeping aid


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