Hape My Music Pal - Huggy Bobo E0115

by Hape
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Good sleep for your baby means good sleep for you – make sure your little one can fall and stay asleep with ease using this cute and cuddly portable baby sound machine. Use the five natural sounds or five lullabies to create a soft background noise for your infant or toddler, or use the recording function for up to 120 seconds of playback of your own voice or another familiar sound. Your baby will get better sleep, and so will you.

Let this cute and cuddly bear hush your baby to sleep so you don’t have to. You can even start before the baby is born – the arc of the speaker fits mom’s pregnant belly well, so expecting parents can use the music box to play the noises for the baby in the womb. Baby will arrive already familiar with the sound!

You can also let your baby take control – let them happily play with the interactive toy and its buttons. If your baby drifts off to sleep, and no button is pushed after the music stops for one minute, the toy goes into sleep mode (just like your baby!). If the baby wakes up and pushes a button, it’ll be rewarded with the sound they expect. If no button is pushed for 12 hours, the toy turns off completely.

It’s more than just a sound machine – take the music box out, and it’s just a normal plush toy for your child to play with whenever they want. It also has a soft night light, which can remain on all night or pulse steadily.

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