JJ Cole Insulated Tote - Citrus Breeze

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JJ Cole Insulated Tote 

The JJ Cole insulated tote combines all of the conveniences of our diaper bags with the features of a picnic cooler. Both the main compartment and the side pockets are insulated to keep items cool while you find the perfect picnic spot. The easy-access front pocket is perfect to store items you need at a moment's notice, and you can stash larger items in the roomy back pocket. This tote can hold up to 20 pounds, so you won't have to pick and choose what to bring along. Grips stroller attachments are included so you can quickly and easily attach your tote to the stroller and go. 

-Insulated interior keeps items cool 

-Insulated side pockets 

-Easy-Access front pocket 

-Large back pocket for extra storage 

-Holds up to 20 lbs

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