Betta Baby Jewel PPSU Bottle Narrow Neck 240ml S2M

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  • Baby was considered the most to drink milk, "Jewel" series.
    Jewel ··· "treasure", "important things"
    To irreplaceable precious baby. The form of a cap hood, "Jewel" Another meaning, jewelry design. As of sparkling depending on the angle of light jewelry, meaning that as you are those shining also the future of the baby has been put.

    The same as breast-feeding, is the baby bottle baby can drink in the most easy to drink attitude.

    [Breast-feeding and the same attitude (angle) That's why three advantages born]
    [Point1] prevent the disease of the ear, such as otitis media
    When to drink milk to lay the head of the baby, milk is said to prone to "head position otitis media" to flow into the middle ear from the ear canal along with the bacteria of the pharynx.
    Dr. Betta baby bottles, because the drink in a posture that caused the upper body, it is possible to prevent the ear of the disease.
    This effect has gained a high reputation from the otolaryngologist, has also been published as an academic paper.

    [Point2] prevent aspiration because the drink in a natural posture
    Nursing attitude that caused the upper body, is the most natural posture is to swallow a drink.
    Milk also tends to flow into the esophagus, you swallow also smoothly with weak force to swallow baby.
    It is also used in premature infants in the hospital.

    [Point3] less likely to drink the air, and along the air bubbles coming out in the bottle to the curve at the time of reducing breast-feeding a burp, it missed to above.
    By reducing the swallowing of air extra belching and regurgitation also be reduced, you can'll drink enough only milk.

  • Precautions

    • The nipples of Dr. Betta, there is a groove in order to improve the streets of air, there is a case to feel loose and set the nipple to the cap.
    This is a normal state because it has been designed to the ground portion of the cap and the nipple there is a "play".

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A bottle: PPSU 
Cap food: Polypropylene 
Nipples: Silicone 

Jewel nipples (circle hole) 

Food: Pink 
A cap: Opal green 

Country of origin 
Product made in Japan 

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