Honeysuckle Breastmilk Pump Bags 50pk

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Why not eliminate a step and pump directly into your storage bag? The Honeysuckle Breast Pump Bag and Adapter make it easy. Simply slip the notches in the bag over the hooks on the adapter. The other end of the adapter fits most breast pumps. No spills. No mess. No bottles to wash. 

Breastmilk Pump Bags by Honeysuck come pre-sterilized and meet the highest standards in breastmilk storage. They are virtually leak proof, recyclable, oxo biodegradable, BPA-free and tamper evident. A handy zip pouch allows one at a time dispensing. 

While no storage bag is 100% leak proof, Honeysuckle’s industry leading design and strict quality control ensures you of a virtually leak proof experience, bag after bag after bag. To be doubly safe, each packet comes with ResQ Bag a Honeysuckle exclusive. If one of these bags should leak, you can use the ResQ Bag to save the precious contents. 

- Strongest available, with reinforced sides and bottom. 
- Gusseted, self-standing bottom spreads when filled. 
- The earth-friendly bag oxo biodegradable, recyclable and BPA-free. 
- Double-zipper seal for virtually leak proof storage. 
- Features a handy write-on tab.

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