Avent Maximum Comfort Disposable Breast Pads 100ct PA-SCF25413

by Avent
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# 075020076199
Developed with breastfeeding expert, Vicky Scott, Philips Avent Maximum Comfort Disposable Breast Pads 100ct SCF254/13 protect your bra and clothes from breast milk leakage. Ultra absorbent core helps to keep skin and cloths day or night. Honeycomb texture has a soft silky feel. The ultra thin and discreet pad has a contoured shape to fit easily into a nursing bra or regular bra. Multiple layers provide exceptional absorbency, and a one-way top sheet traps moisture inside the pad to help nursing moms feel comfortable whenever let-down occurs. Made of breathable materials, these pads are hygienic and gentle on skin. The top sheet has a silky feel to prevent irritation, and two adhesive strips secure each pad to your bra so it won't shift around as you move. Philips Avent Maximum Comfort Disposable Breast Pads SCF344/23 feature a layered construction for maximum dryness. For cleanliness and portability, each pad is individually wrapped in discreet packaging making them easy to take with you in a purse, diaper bag, or briefcase.

Leak proof and breathable design

Ultra absorbent core keeps skin and clothes dry

Contoured shape to easily fit into a bra

Honeycomb texture with a silky soft feel

2 adhesive strips to keep the breast pad in place

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