Paola Reina Alex&Sonia-Sonia Avec Robe Bourgogne PR-8025

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Here are the Alex & Sonia dolls, by Paola Reina. This cute doll will charm your little one!


  • Sold in a box
  • The doll cries and stops when you give her the pacifier. She stops crying by herself after three times.
  • She says Papa, Mama!
  • The Body is soft, but limbs and head are hard.
  • The doll comes with pretty clothes.
  • The doll's eyes close when she sleeps.
  • A pacifier is provided with the doll, it can fit in the mouth.
  • The doll is not gendered.
  • Recommended age: 3+.

A great gift for a child!

Paola Reina is a company from Spain with over 25 years of expertise in doll making.

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