Baby Registry Help

Baby Registry Overview

The Canabee Baby Registry allows you to create a list that can be viewed by friends and family anywhere. You can create your Baby Registry in our store or online. Regardless of where you create your Baby Registry, it will be viewable online at www.canabeebaby.com.

Your Baby Registry will remain active for 1 months after your event date you provide on your registration form.

Where is My Registry?

You may be able to locate a registry by searching registry number and by name.

Once you have your registry password, you can go to the Baby Registry area of our site to log in. You will be prompted to enter your registry email and password.

If you have any questions or concerns about this registry transition, please contact our Customer Service at (905) 305-1211 .



Deleting a Baby Registry
If you need to delete an entire Baby Registry, please contact our Customer Service at (905) 305-1211.