Mary Meyer Taggies Shake & Teethe Arctic Bear MM-41524

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# 719771415240

Designed to coordinate with the Taggies Original styles

– 5″ tall
– Rattle on the inside, and silicone teether on the outside are both stimulating and soothing
– Perfect size and shape for little hands to shake
– Adorned in colorful satin Taggies ribbons
– Taggies ribbons keeps baby’s interest
– Colored bead-like silicone teether sewn-in
– Soft plush body and knotted accents
– Food grade silicone, BPA, PVC, and phthalate free
– All embroidered details
– Machine wash, air dry

Why we love Taggies Original Shake & Teethe:
– The perfect “add on” to any baby gift
– Rattle, teether, and tags keep baby engaged
– Designs coordinate with the Taggies Original prints
– Solid front and printed back for added appeal

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