Bienfaits Noisetier/Healing Hazel Amber Teething Necklace-11 Inches - Pink

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# HA12315

The original teething necklace made with 100% natural Canadian hazel wood, genuine Baltic amber stones and rose quartz stones with energizing and calming qualities, and a safe clasp. Discover the hazel wood benefits to help relieve teething pain, colic, constipation, eczema, acid reflux, and other sources of inflammation.
Suggested Ages
11" (28 cm) Necklaces : 0 – 2 years
13" (33 cm) Necklaces : 2 – 4 years
Make sure the necklace stays under the child’s chin so they won’t be able to put it into their mouth. You should be able to place two fingers between the necklace and the child’s neck.

Hand Crafted in Quebec, Canada with pride!

Suitable for babies 4 months and up.

In constant contant with the skin, Hazelwood with naturally soothe:

Facial rash due to excessive drooling
Diaper rash
Flushed cheeks/neck
Acid reflux
Skin irritation
Small Necklaces - 10 1/2" - 12"
13" is recommended for children from 24 months of age.

This is not a chew toy. Please ensure to get the right length for you child. Necklace should not go above the chin.

The efficiency of the necklace is never altered in contact with water. However, hazelwood is still wood. If it is in contact with water for a prolonged period of time it may split or peel. To ensure it keeps it's appearance, it is preferable to take it off before water exposure.

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