The Natural Family Co., Bio Toothbrush&Stand Grey 400067

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# 9312657400067


  • Biodegradable Handle and Packaging
  • Non Plastic
  • Tapered Bristles
  • Zero Waste

Suggested Use

  • Use minimum pressure and brush in a circular motion
  • Use with The NFco Toothpaste
  • Replace toothbrush every 6-8 weeks or earlier if worn
  • Replace after illness
  • Rinse thoroughly before and after use
  • Allow bristles to air dry
  • Sterilize often
  • The NFco Resin Stand is suitable for use with the NFco Bio Toothbrush

Disposal instructions:

  • Compost handle and packaging (I'm made from cornstarch!)
  • Recycle toothbrush head

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