7 AM Enfant PlushPOD - Black Plush 18M-3Y

by 7AM
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The LambPOD is the ideal cold-weather footmuff. It’s cozy, insulated, heavyweight, and zips on and off, with openings that work with the standard 5-point safety harness on any stroller or car seat. Even on the most frigid, freezing days, your little one will be protected, warm, and comfortable on strolls. The soft, silky faux lambswool cover even detaches to double as a standalone blanket. And yep, it’s totally vegan — no animal products here!

The LambPOD boasts an anti-slip, removable back panel -— eliminating extra fabric between baby’s back and the safety harness — a convertible hood with an oversized collar, plus a double lined hood that slips over the top of the stroller to attach to the footmuff — effectively blocking out any cold air. The outer shell is water repellent, and the poly insulation and micro-fleece lining are extra soft. Bonus: the entire thing is machine washable and dryable.

Now available in GlacierPOD, PlushPOD and WaxedPOD versions.


On car seat


  • Place it onto the car seat and unzip the front panel to open the POD.
  • Seat your child on the POD in the car seat and fasten the safety harness as per manufacturer's instructions.
  • Zip the POD cover up.


On stroller

  • Slip the pouch located behind the hood over the top of the stroller to secure the POD’s stability.
  • Use the hook & loop straps located on the sides of the POD to attach to the stroller’s back or sidebars in order to secure it.
  • Seat your child on the POD in the stroller and fasten the safety harness as per manufacturer's instructions.
  • Zip the POD cover up and adjust the snugness using the elastic drawstring located underneath the top flap to create a smaller enclosure around your child’s face.


As a detachable cover


  • Unzip the front panel cover.
  • Slip the front panel’s inner bottom pouch over the bottom of the stroller or car seat to secure the cover.
  • Use the hook & loop straps located on the sides of the front panel cover to attach to sidebars.


The fluffiest cloud and plush lined footmuffs

The silky to the touch LambPOD is a parent's favorite for its cozy, warm and protective attributes designed especially for babies' comfort in mind. This versatile footmuff has a detachable cover that turns into a cloud cotton-like single-paneled blanket for the ultimate nap time. The LambPOD is an essential baby accessory bringing peace-of-mind to all modern families.

100% Vegan

The company strives to leverage the 7AM brand as a vehicle to push forward social movements that represent the fundamental values and integrity that are woven through all aspects of the founder’s life. Being a cruelty-free company is 7AM’s motive force so parents can rest assured that all 7AM products are 100% vegan - because no animals deserve to suffer in the name of fashion.

  • 5-point harness universal openings for securing onto any stroller and car seat
  • Detachable plush lined front panel can be used separately as a blanket
  • Removable center back panel eliminates material between babyÍs back and the car seat
  • Front flap can be pulled up and fastened to hood to protect child’s face from the elements
  • Convertible hood, anti-slip back panel and integrated mounting slip on the back side of hood
  • Water repellent outer shell, ultra-soft premium insulation and plush lining
  • Temperature Rating: 5°F/-15°C. Machine washable
  • Dimensions: S/M: W: 19”, D: 2”, H: 34” M/L: W: 22”, D: 2.5”, H: 41”


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