Fridababy Fridet the Buttwasher

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Fridet the Butt Washer is a smart potty-training solution. Think portable bidet- the Butt Washer uses water instead of harsh chemicals to clean messy bottoms while toddlers are still learning how to wipe properly. Effective and efficient – the Butt Washer cleans more thoroughly, but more importantly, helps to prevent itchy-butt syndrome until toddlers have the whole wiping thing down. Lifetime warranty – no questions asked. To Use – Unscrew top of Fridet and fill reservoir with water. Screw cap on securely and invert the bottle with one finger on the silver valve. Position the bottle with the tip facing the desired direction and remove finger from the valve. Squeeze bottle firmly and repeat as desired. To Clean – Disassemble the Fridet and clean in warm soapy water.


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