Mam Massaging Brush Set w/Safety Shield Boy

by Mam
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  • Works perfectly as a baby toothbrush and for gum and teeth massage
  • Massages sensitive gums and cleans baby’s first teeth
  • Reaches any place in baby’s mouth and massages exactly where it's meant to

Product Details

The innovative MAM Gum Massager works perfectly in two ways - for gum and teeth massage and as a baby toothbrush. It’s so fun to use that it helps babies forget they are actually teething!

No matter where it feels good to chew, the toothbrush head of the Gum Massager gently massages sensitive gums and cleans baby's first teeth. Its small shape can reach any place in baby's mouth and provide relief exactly where it is needed. 

Our Gum Massager, together with other MAM products, is scientifically-proven and developed in cooperation with the International Children Medical Research Society (ICMRS), pediatricians, developmental pedagogues and midwives. Only after the approval of our experts is a MAM innovation truly ready for baby life.

Additional Information

How to Use

For massaging sensitive gums and cleaning baby’s first teeth.

Best Used With

MAM Coolers also provides a gentle massage to soothe painful gums where teeth are beginning to come through. Aside from the Gum Massager, part of our early oral care series is the MAM Oral Care Rabbit suitable from day one to help remove bacteria inside the mouth and massage sensitive gums.

What's Included

  • 1 Gum Massager

In pink and blue colors

Technical Information

Product Dimensions: 22.5 x 4 x 2.5 cm

Item Weight: 27 grams

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