Olababy Gentle Bottle Silicone Replacement Nipple 6m+ 2pk Fast Flow

by Olababy
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Gentle Bottle Silicone Replacement Nipple 6m+ - 2 Pack - Fast Flow By Olababy 

Olababy Gentle Bottle Silicone Replacement Nipple - 2 Pack - Fast Flow 
&Olababy Replacement Nipple Off-center nipple for a smooth milk flow and encourages comfortable upright feeding position. Breast-like nipple design creates a natural latch and encourages easy transition from breast to bottle Elevated wide dome creates a secure seal, reducing air intake and dribbles. Nipples are available to purchase in slow, medium, fast flow and X cut Dual Air Vent system reduces air ingestion. Made with medical grade silicone and 100 percent BPA free Offset design promotes upright feeding and ensures smooth milk flow down to the last drop 


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