Twistshake Crawler Cup 10oz - Green

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Choosing what brand of baby products to use for your child can seem like an overwhelming decision. There are so many alternatives. Some focus on aesthetics, some on technical gimmicks. We know that for you, the wellbeing of your baby is always the focal point. That’s why we want you to be able to give your baby the time and the attention he or she deserves, without the burdens of everyday life coming in the way. We guarantee products of the absolute highest quality through compliance with all the legal quality controls, as well as through regular internal check-ups and quality inquiries. This mentality permeates not only the manufacturing process: it is a cornerstone of Twistshake’s entire business. All of Twistshake’s products are BPA-free. Twistshake cares about your safety. We want to give your child the best possible start in life.
The Twistshake Cup range tops are interchangeable which means that you can use all the tops on all the bottles. Grow with the Twistshake cup range and use the tops that are most suitable for the moment. All Twistshake cups are spill-free. The silicone insert makes sure that fluid only exists when the child is using the bottle. Twistshake saves you the cumbersome tasks of cleaning after your little ones so that you can spend more time together. Infuse water with fresh fruit. A new and nutritious drink for baby. Patent Pending solution for a healty and fresh drink.
• Spill-free lid
• Fruit mixer to infuse water with fresh fruit
• Mix your favorite fruit and water and SHAKE!
• State of the art bottle design with high polish finish
• Made in Sweden

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