FRUZER Silicone Fruit Infuser Pod 1 Pack

by Fruzer
Sold out
# 624721390068

The fruit FRUZER pod is perfect for infusing water with all of your favorite fruits. Simply add fruit and drop the FRUZER Silicone pod into any cup or bottle and enjoy! its ergonomic design and sleek shape make it the ideal accessory to fruzerize your water.

  • Soft silicone, simple design and easy to use: simply cut fruit and place it inside the pod and snap the lid to seal the fruit securely inside the pod
  • Fruzerize your water: whether at home, at work, traveling, exercising or relaxing, it is so important to ensure you are drinking enough water
  • Perfect for enjoying smaller fruits: cutting smaller pieces of fruit will provide a more intense flavor. This is perfect for smaller berries or thin fruit slices
  • Ideal for infusing water: works in any size cup and suitable for all ages
  • Water-Infusing benefits: helps flush toxins from your system, helps to improve digestion and makes you feel full to combat unhealthy snacking

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