Betta Microwave Sterilization Curve Box (Pale Pink)

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1) Put the clean bottle, pacifier and bottle cap in the Sterilizer Box. 
2) Pull a full cup of water ( milk bottle cover size) into the Sterilizer Box. 
3) Cover the lid of the Sterilizer Box and put it into the microwave oven for 3 minutes 
Note: Tritan bottles can not be sterilized by microwave oven.

Made in Japan

Material polypropylene
Heat resistance: 140 ℃

Color pale pink

Size length about 11 cm / side about 27.5 cm / height about 6.5 cm

Note * Baby bottles of Tritan ™ (Tritan) can not be disinfected by microwave oven. Please be careful.
○ Household microwave oven Please use it in the range of 500W ~ 600W.
○ When disinfecting products of other companies, please note the heat resistant temperature and size.
○ Please do not put liquids.
○ When using the microwave oven please confirm that the lid is closed tightly.

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