Kobayashi Cooling Pad 12 Pieces 0-2yrs

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KOBAYASHI  helps to reduce heat, relieve fever in a natural way and can be applied to children aged  0- 2 years. Gentle to the skin. No artificial colors and fragrances. The gel liquid is evaporated into steam. Reduce fever, and not too cold forehead.  1 sheet is 8 hours (should change after 8 hours).  The side of the gel to the area you want to cool.  Do not run around the hair or feathers.  Should be used immediately after opening.   Do not use a skin abnormalities such as cuts, lacerations, burns.


APPLICATION: Remove transparent film and apply on dry and clean skin.



- When KOBAYASHI is used on those who cannot apply the product themselves, small children or the physically disabled, use under supervision of parents or other responsible adults and pay special attention to keep them from eating or placing the product over their mouths or nostrils to prevent suffocation.

- Do not apply to wounded or irritated skin.

- If fever persists, consult your physician.



- Store in a cool dry place. It can be stored in the refrigerator for extra cooling. Do not freeze.

- Reseal pouch by tightly folding the pouch twice along the dotted line to prevent the unused gel sheet from drying.


For 8 hours

12 sheets (6 packs * 2 pieces)

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