Hape Butterfly Rainmaker Robert E8531

by Hape
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This infant rattle is a delight to their senses. It simulates the soothing sound of rain, which helps to calm overstimulated minds and relax fussy infants. Newborns will love to watch the beads cascading through the rattle. The crackling sound made by the wings, when paired with the rattle’s rain sounds, introduces even more aural and visual stimulation to developing minds.
Product code: E8531B

  • AIDS HAND-EYE COORDINATION: Babies will start to develop their hand-eye coordination as they grip, shake and roll the rattle.
  • AURAL STIMULATON: The soothing rain sounds of the rattle act as an auditory stimulant to perk up baby’s ears as they learn to identify sounds and patterns.
  • VISUAL DEVELOPMENT: With a cute butterfly design, this rattle will be a sensory companion to your baby as they learn to track movements and identify objects with their eyes.
  • EASY-CARE DESIGN: Designed with busy parents in mind, the rattle’s fabric wings are detachable, so its body is easy to clean and sanitise.
  • BABY-SAFE CONSTRUCTION: The rattle’s smooth wooden construction and sturdy plastic body ensure that it’s safe for little hands to hold and curious mouths to teethe.

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