Fox & Fawn Haven Nursing Cover Linen

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Fox & Fawn Baby is the company behind the Haven nursing cover – which is a Canadian made premier linen nursing cover brand manufactured in Vancouver, BC.

The HAVEN linen nursing cover is famous for its patented dual rim technology – it was formally branded as Booby Trapper prior to 2018. The dual rim technology holds the fabric off and away from Baby’s face, which allows Mom to easily see Baby while nursing. The nursing cover is comprised of 100% cotton linen and the D-Rings are comparable to those found on premier diaper bags. Better Eye Contact, Better Air Flow, Happy Baby.


  • Made in Canada
  • The only double-rim nursing cover for a truly visible, happy baby.
  • Generous size to ensure the modesty of mothers.
  • Folds up compactly to fit in any purse or diaper bag.
  • Creates a distraction-free space for public napping.
  • Excellent shade cover for stroller or front-carrier

Material: 100% Cotton Linen

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