ChuChu Baby Cool Pat for Armpit

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"Chuchu Baby Armpit Choi Pat Ice" is a cooling pack for armpits made of soft pile fabric. Cuts the baby's unpleasant heat from the side. The rubber specifications make it easy to install and the length can be adjusted. With a removable button, it can be used on only one side. It is a gel type that does not harden even when frozen, so it does not become lumpy and is easy to wear. After freezing for about 3 hours, the cooling duration is about 1 hour. For sudden fever or going out on a hot day. Comes with 2 spare gels.

How to use
1. Cool the gel bag in the freezer for at least 3 hours.
* You can freeze it with the cover on, but please put it in a plastic bag and cool it.
2. With your underwear or pajamas on, pass your arms through the rubber on both sides.
3. Adjust the length with the connecting rubber and move it to the base of the back neck.
4. When the gel becomes warm, replace it with a chilled gel. * It is convenient to keep the spare gel in the freezer at all times.

● This product cannot be eaten.
● Please refrain from using this product for children under 6 months of age as it may be too cold.
● Cannot be used warmly.
● Do not stick with sharp objects or give a strong impact.
● You can freeze it with the cover on, but at that time, put it in a plastic bag and cool it.
● Please note that it may be damaged if it is used for any other purpose.
● If the gel bag is damaged and the contents get on your clothes or body, wipe it off with a cloth and then rinse with water.
● Do not use a damaged gel bag or cover.

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