Nailmatic Kids Set of 3 Nail Polishes - 302 Magicforest

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Washable nail polish for kids

Our Magic Forest set has the perfect shiny casting:
- Sissi, its pink glitters will charm your little ones
- Lala, an ultra pearly pink that shines like a diamond
- Lulu, an iridescent yellow for every sun lover!

Created by grown-ups for kids, our nail polishes are washable.
Easy to apply, easy to take off: rinse with warm soapy water, say bye-bye to colours and hello to clean little hands!
Phthalates, formaldehyde, toluene and fragrance free.
Dermatologically tested.
Box co-designed with OMY.
Made in France with love and magic.

Awesome, so easy to use!

1/ SHAKE the KIDS nail polish to get glitters and shimmers everywhere.
2/ APPLY 2 coats for better results
3/ SHAKE hands in the air (not yours, the kids'!) for fast drying !
Use under adult supervision.
Not suitable for children under 3.

Contents: 3 x 8 ml
Weight: 162 g

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