Ulubulu The Original Boogie Buster

by Ulubulu
# 899602001856

Babies 12 months and younger breathe solely through the nose and children of up to three years old cannot blow their nose on their own.

The Original Boogie Buster pediatric nasal aspirator by Ulubulu gently and safely removes excessive nasal secretions allowing your child to breathe comfortably.

This best selling nasal aspirator in Europe is simple and easy to use, the Boogie Buster is scientifically designed to fit comfortably in the nasal passage and easily remove blockage into a disposable filter which prevents the transfer of mucus or bacteria.

How it works
Carefully insert the tip into the nostril. Place mouth on the suction nozzle and gradually inhale until blockage is removed from nostril. For thick mucus, use a few drops of saline solution in each nostril to help loosen mucus before using.

After use, remove disposable filter tip and clean device as needed. BPA free. 3 disposable filter tips and plastic storage case included. Additional filter tips available separately.

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