Oxo Stick&Stay Suction Bowl - Opal

by Oxo
# 840097761169

Cut down on mealtime mess with the OXO Tot Stick & Stay Suction Bowl. The Bowl features a suction base that sticks securely to surfaces until mealtime is over, preventing sliding, slipping and tipping. The parent-friendly opening makes removing the Bowl simple for adults, but tough for tots. Tall walls allow for easy scooping and encourage self-feeding. Twist the Bowl and base apart for quick cleaning in the dishwasher.


  • Tantrum-proof Bowl sticks securely to surfaces till mealtime is over
  • Bowl base and silicone pad prevent sliding, tipping and tossing
  • Bowl is easy for parents to remove (but tricky for little ones)
  • Deep walls help tots with scooping and self-feeding
  • Bowl and pad twist to separate for thorough cleaning in the dishwasher
  • Bowl won’t damage surfaces
  • For best results, ensure silicone pad and dining surface are clean and press down onto flat, non-porous surface (varnished wood or glass tables, polished plastic high chair trays, etc).

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