Oxo Adventure Water Bottle 12oz - Opal

by Oxo
# 840097761213

Staying hydrated on the go doesn't have to be hard. With the OXO Tot Adventure Water Bottle, you can let kids sip without worrying about making a mess. This 12-oz water bottle features a patented, spill-proof straw that helps put an end to leaks, drips and dribbles. The bite valve opens the moment your child's lips touch the straw, so it's easy for kids who want to do everything on their own. Tots can open the straw lid with a twist, while grown-ups will have no trouble separating the two-part hinged cap for a thorough cleaning. The bottle's hourglass shape fits just right in little hands, so kids can carry it anywhere. The flex-tip hook attaches securely to diaper bags, backpacks and more, so it's a snap to bring this bottle with you on all your adventures.


  • Patented spill-proof straw minimizes messes on the go
  • Bite valve opens easily at the touch of little lips for easy drinking
  • Easy-open straw lid is designed for children to use all by themselves
  • Two-part hinged cap removes easily for adults and separates for cleaning
  • Flex-tip handle easily hooks onto backpacks, diaper bags and more
  • BPA free

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