Medela Quick Clean Bottle Brush 101036556

by Medela
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Medela is proud to introduce the newest addition to our line-up of Quick Clean products, the Quick Clean BottleBrush. We know that cleaning bottles is a daily task for many parents, so we’ve designed our Quick Clean BottleBrush to make their lives easier. With its unique features and clever design, the Quick Clean Bottle Brush is the perfect tool for daily cleaning.Features Benefits:Optimized design for small and large baby bottles, wide and narrow necks, silicone baby bottle nipples, specialized nipples (i.e. Calma®) and parts.Comfortable, non-slip handleTwo convenient storage options: hook hole or included stand.Thorough, yet gentle: soft, non-scratch bristles for pump parts, bottles, and nipplesSplatter-free cleaning: flexible brush head with 180°wave-shaped bristles thoroughly clean hard to reach areas and eliminate splatter when removing the brush from the bottle.Hygienic storage: store the brush upright for quick, hygienic drying by using the stand or the built-in hook.Perfect for small parts: the spiral-shaped ridges at the end of the brush, help reach inside nipples, pump parts, and other small bottle accessories to remove residue

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