Pigeon Slim Plastic Bottle With Silicone Nipple - Yellow S 200ml 00364

by Pigeon
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# 4902508003643

A baby bottle with excellent durability, safety, and ease of use.
It is a shape that is hard to roll and easy to hold.

Made of plastic that is light and convenient for breastfeeding at the destination.
With a durable silicone rubber nipple.

* K type nipples can also be used.

[Slim type nipple lineup]
● S (round hole) 0 months ~
* For babies immediately after birth
● M (round hole) around 4 months ~
● Y (three cut) around 6 months ~
● L (round hole) 9 months or more
* For babies who want to drink more than Y
● For fruit juice (cross-cut)
* You can easily drink thick or high-fiber foods such as fruit juice.

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