Pigeon Decorated Plastic Bottle With Silicone Nipple - Stars SS 0-3 Months 160ml 00343

by Pigeon
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# 4902508003438
★ 12 years in a row! Tamahiyo Baby Goods Award 2021, No. 1 in the baby bottle category!
★ Winner of the Mothers Selection Award 2016!

A baby bottle that supports breastfeeding.
With a breastfeeding nipple , made by studying the movement of the mouth where a baby drinks mom's breasts for 60 years .

Since the same mouth movements as when drinking breasts directly can be reproduced, it can be used smoothly with breasts. Comfortably assists breastfeeding.

The gentle rounded bottle is easy to hold and support, and has a shape that does not roll easily.
The bottle design pursues a fit to the hand, making it easy to hold in various breastfeeding postures that change depending on the growth stage and scene so that babies and moms can breastfeed comfortably.
Wide mouth type that is easy to wash and prepare milk.

Made of high-quality plastic (PPSU), which is light and hard to break, and is also used in medical equipment.

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