Pigeon Slim Silicone Nipple 2pcs - L 01168

by Pigeon
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# 4902508011686
A nipple developed to be soft and smooth to drink.
Made of durable silicone rubber.

2 pieces included.
L size (round hole) perfect for babies over 9 months old.

* Can also be used for K-type baby bottles.

* There are individual differences in how to drink even if you are the same age. Choose the right nipple for your baby as you grow and drink.
One guideline for choosing a nipple is to drink it for 10 to 15 minutes, which is the same as breast milk, with one breastfeeding.

[Slim type nipple lineup]
● S (round hole) 0 months ~
* For babies immediately after birth
● M (round hole) around 4 months ~
● Y (three cut) around 6 months ~
● L (round hole) 9 months or more
* For babies who want to drink more than Y
● For fruit juice (cross-cut)
* You can easily drink thick or high-fiber foods such as fruit juice.

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