Peg Perego Shuttle Plus 120 - Wonder Grey

# 888487042818

Item Number: IMVS01CA35WD53BL13


Protect your child all around with the 2-in-1 Viaggio Shuttle Plus! Its flexibility to adjust all around allows it to fit your child perfectly. 3D TOTAL ADJUST TECHNOLOGY: The Viaggio Shuttle Plus can be adjusted in 4 different directions, which are all independent from one another.



• Recommended for children 40 - 120 lbs, and up to 63 inches.

• Wonder, the stain-resistant nanotechnological fabric, is easy to clean, breathable, and extra comfortable.

 • 3D Total Adjust Technology, the Viaggio Shuttle Plus can be adjusted in 3 different directions, which are all independent from one another: 1) the headrest 2) the upper backrest 3) the side wings.

• Full Coverage Protection, EPS & EPP foams provide increased protection and comfort throughout the shell and headrest

• Rigid Latch, integrated rigid LATCH allows for easy installation and stability. The rigid LATCH can also tuck into the seat when it is not in use.

• Removable Backrest, when your child is ready for a backless booster, the Shuttle Plus easily transforms into a backless booster with the push of a button.

• All Side Impact Protection protects child’s head, neck and spine. The wide curving headrest and broad backrest with adjustable side wings help protect against side collisions.

• Kinetic pods help to move forces away from your baby in case of a side collision.

• Aluminum reinforced Backrest, provides extra safety and protection against whiplash in the case of a front-end collision and additional protection in the event of a rear-end collision.

• A cup holder is conveniently included with the Shuttle Plus.

•Blind Lock Attaching System prevents the car seat from being accidentally released by another passenger.

• The Seat is Soft and anatomically shaped with an expanded foam cover, which ensures optimal comfort.

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