Blue Celery Sling (Assorted)

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The blue celeryTM baby sling is a fabulous new babywearing option for moms & dads who want versatility in wearing baby without fussy rings, clips or complicated tying. 
This double pouch design makes wearing baby easy. Just pull on the loops and you're ready to go! 

The blue celeryTM double pouch sling is made with organic cotton and just enough stretch to hold baby womb-like. 
Sling is made in Canada and all of the inputs are sourced from North America. 

- 2 pull-on pouches. 
- No complicated tying. 
- Same criss-cross pattern as wrap or soft carrier. 
- Ergonomic 2-shouldered support in all 5+ positions. 
- Add the waist sash for extra support as baby grows or to create tailored carrying positions from newborn to 35 lbs. 
- Fit to the same size as your TShirt.

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