Belly Bandit Flawless Belly Support

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Gentle belly support for pregnancy and postpartum that doubles as clothing extender, layering piece and nursing cover!


Baby bumps are beautiful. And the stretch marks they can leave behind? Nothing less than a badge of honor. We just think there’s something to be said for making that badge invisible — which is why we created Flawless Belly.

  • Made entirely of WonderWeave™, it not only cradles and supports your adorable bump, it keeps lotions and creams just where you want them — on your skin and off your clothes.
  • Simply apply your favorite stretch mark cream to your belly (day or night), slip on your Flawless Belly™ and dress as usual!
  • Our grow-with-you design lets your skin breathe while allowing you to indulge your belly with a deep moisturizing treatment around the clock.


  • Our Flawless Belly can be used after you deliver to turn every shirt into a nursing one by covering up your belly and back as you nurse.
  • Use as a layering piece to extend your wardrobe.
  • Double ruching on back provides a tailored fit that grows with your belly.
  • Helps fight stretch marks by keeping lotions on your belly, not on your clothes

Use your current pregnancy size in US.


Machine wash cold with mild soap, lay flat to dry.

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