Belly Bandit Belly Shield - Nude

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Wear your Belly Bandit® over Belly Shield™ to help minimize stretch marks and hydrate your skin! Used in combination with your favorite stretch mark creams and oils, Belly Shield’s™ WonderWeave™ material allows your skin to soak in moisture. The Belly Shield™ is machine washable, so your Belly Bandit® stays clean and on your body where it belongs! 


Belly Shield™ adds an extra layer of protection over your incision and can also be worn under your clothes to avoid abrasive rubbing or chafing. Your favorite scar treatments can also be used with your Belly Shield™.

*Please note that the Belly Shield is NOT a compression garment. Belly Bandit® shown in photo is not included in pricing above. 

Size Guide

Use your post-pregnancy size

Please refer to the size selection (XS-M / L-XXL)

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