Stokke PramPack Travel Bag

by Stokke
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Travelling with your children can be one of life’s richest experiences. The Stokke® PramPack™ was designed so that you can simply enjoy the journey whilst we ensure that your stroller arrives safe and sound. Airline approved, the Stokke® PramPack™ fits almost any stroller. Once you arrive, simply roll the Stokke® PramPack™ up for easy storage. Simple. Bon Voyage!

Travel to the airport as you usually would, then pack your stroller into the protective Stokke® Prampack™.

Wheel to the check-in desk, ready for your flight.

Simply collect your stoller from the special baggage area. Thanks to the Stokke® Prampack™ your stroller is in the same condition as when you set off. In the unlikely event that your Stokke® Prampack™ becomes damaged during your flight, remember to make a claim from your airline before leaving the airport.

Simply roll the Stokke® Prampack™ up and throw it over your shoulder for convenient mobility and storage at your final destination.

Maintenance and protection
Read our tips, ensuring that PramPack can improve travelling and protect your pram.

PramPack is designed to protect prams. This means that your PramPack product will not tolerate unnecessarily rough treatment.

Try to avoid dragging the bottom of a PramPack on asphalt or other rough surfaces. Ensure that the wheels are always moving when rolling your PramPack.

Pack your pram at home before you leave for the airport.

Store your pram in your PramPack when it is not being used.

Roll up your PramPack and store it in a cupboard, drawer or under a bed.

PramPack is practical to use when travelling by car, bus, boat, train or plane.

If your pram is small, you can put other (soft) things in when you pack your PramPack.

If PramPack gets dirty it can easily be cleaned with soap and warm water. Dirt and grime can simply be brushed off.

If you leave the innermost black strap (in the middle of the PramPack) outside the PramPack when you roll it up, and fasten it on the outside of PramPack when it is completely rolled up, you will have a practical handle strap to carry it with.

Remember that damage to your PramPack when travelling can be what saves your pram from being damaged.

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