Munchkin Smart Blend Mixing Pitcher 10711

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Mixing powered formula shouldn't take the fun out of feeding time. Munchkin's Smart Blend Formula Mixing Pitcher makes every bottle the best bottle it can be. Easy to use mixing pitcher breaks up formula clumps quickly and reduces air bubbles compared to shaking a bottle. The results is smooth, consistent formula everytime. Large pitcher allows you to make up to 24 oz of baby formula at a time so you are always ready in the middle of the night or on-the-go. Mixing handle rotates into an open position for pouring milk or into a closed position to seal lid to help keep formula fresh when stored. Adjustable time ring takes the guess work out of and keeps track of when formula is prepared. Say good-bye to bubbles and clumps for easy feedings made simple.

  • Easily mixes & stores up to 24 oz of baby formula
  • Designed to reduce air bubbles, compared to shaking formula in a bottle
  • BPA-free formula mixer blends and breaks up clumps quickly
  • Rotating mixing handle seals lid to help keep formula fresh when being stored
  • Adjustable time ring keeps track of when formula was prepared

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