Stokke Flannelette Protection Sheet/ Mattress Protector Naturalmat Organic 75cmx55cm

by Stokke
# 19333
Sleep is the single most important ingredient to a healthy, happy life for both parents and baby. Without sleep, energy levels drop, immune systems crash and tempers flare. Natural Mat mattresses have been proven to help babies sleep through the night. Natural Mat's pure organic mattress protectors are all hand made by Natural Mat in the heart of the Westcountry in Devon, England. For the best level of comfort for your baby and to provide the best protection for your Natural Mat mattress, we recommend one of our organic breathable mattress protectors on top of the mattress. This revolutionary product will allow all the self ventilating properties of the mattress to function normally, so perspiration will easily and quickly evaporate, but will not let any moisture through to the covers. On top of the protector we suggest a crisp organic cotton percale for the summer, and a soft flannelette for the winter.

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