Hape Wooden Wonder Shape Sorter E0516

by Hape
# 6943478045439

Introduce your child to the world of colours and shapes with our Wooden Wonder Shape Sorter. Watch as they engage in hands-on learning, sorting vibrant shapes, and discovering creativity and cognitive development through play.

  • DEVELOP COLOUR RECOGNITION: Children learn to match the name of colours to their shapes. This enhances their colour recognition abilities.
  • LEARN ABOUT SHAPES: Children learn about different shapes as they play as the distinct shapes make it easier for them to differentiate between pieces.
  • GROWING MOTOR SKILLS: Manipulating the shapes and aligning them with the slots requires a pincer grasp, where the thumb and index finger work together.
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL BLOCKS: The 6 blocks have different functions: the triangle makes sounds, the cross has a mirror and each of the other 4 blocks have a different coloured plexiglass sheet.
  • COLOUR MIXING WHEEL: By moving the colour dial, children can learn how colours are mixed by looking at the transparent coloured plexiglass.

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