Chewbeads Astor Necklace - Black/Grey

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38.1 x 6.35 x 1.27 cm

The Chewbeads Astor Teething Necklace is the perfect blend of mommy-chic and baby-safe. This necklace is made from 100-percent silicone beads that are safe to chew on. This is a great solution for mothers who nurse or carry teething babies and toddlers who love to grab and chew anything in sight. The Chewbeads Astor Teething Necklace is BPA-free and contains no phthalates, cadmium, lead, or other metals. As an added safety feature, these necklaces were designed with an emergency breakaway clasp. They can be easily cleaned with soap and water, and are dishwasher safe. The Astor Teething Necklace features two strands of faceted oval beads, making it a modern must-have in every mother’s jewelry box. Available in an array of colors, the Astor Teething Necklace is an effortless way for busy mothers to accessorize any outfit. The Chewbeads Astor Teething Necklace may also be used as a sensory tool to help babies focus while nursing. Children with fully developed teeth or excessive biting habits may be able to tear the silicone beads. Inspect your Astor Teething Necklace before each use. If the necklace is damaged or torn, be sure to discard. Chewbeads was founded in 2009 by Lisa and Eric Greenwald after the birth of their first son, Benjamin. Like most babies, he loved to put everything in his mouth, and necklaces were a favorite. Concerned about potential safety hazards, Lisa set out to design safe, soft, and non-toxic jewelry that is also colorful and chic. Hence, Chewbeads was born! As the Chewbeads family has grown, they have been inspired to also create safe, non toxic teethers and toys that babies and parents can enjoy and feel good about.


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