Baby Banz Baby Earmuffs Mini Protection Set Aqua BB660

by Banz
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Keep little eyes and ears protected with this Baby BanZ sunglasses and earmuffs set. The wrap-around sunglasses block 100% of UV rays, while the earmuffs effectively dampen harmful noises. The low-profile earmuffs are easy to wear and offer exceptional comfort thanks to foam-filled cushions and a padded headband.

More Information

  • Earmuffs provide hearing protecting by dampening harmful noises, while allowing other sounds, like your voice, to be heard
  • Australian-design wraparound sunglasses block 100% of UV rays to protect your child's sensitive eyes
  • Wide, foam-filled cushions and padded headband cover ensure comfort
  • Low profile with no protruding parts to get snagged
  • Portable, lightweight design is easy to pack for any adventure
  • NRR of 21dB ensures significant noise reduction, so your baby can safely enjoy events like outdoor festivals, parades, and parties without the annoyance or harmful effects of high decibel levels
  • For babies from newborn to 2 years old

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