Lolli Living Stella Quilted Comforter

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Stella Quilted Comforter by Lolli Living 

Spring is in full bloom for the smallest critters of the forest floor, as they frolic and play in a springtime wonderland of flowers and leaves swirling in the air. This delightful design can’t help but stir joyful feelings with its color palette of soft greens and pinks, mixed with dark and light blues. 

The Lolli Living Cotton Comforter is practically a soft cloud of cuddles, snuggles, and all things cozy. Made from the smoothest blend of breathable premium cotton, your little one will settle quickly into the calming heap of this full and fluffy comforter. 

-Dimensions: 37x43 inch ; 95x100 cm 
-Material: 100% Cotton with 100% Polyester Fillbr>

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