Bbluv Noze Manual Nasal Aspirator B0132

by Bbluv
# 628451387404
The Noze provides safe and effective mucus removal for your baby’s stuffy nose. Specifically designed for infants and
toddlers, it can clear their obstructed airways due to a cold or allergies. Its compact design makes it very portable
and the soft tip wont irritate the inside of baby’s nose.
• Prevents complications from colds and allows faster healing by removing nasal mucus and brings comfort to your child
• 100% Medical grade (FDA approved) soft and flexible silicone nose tip to avoid irritation
• No filter required, thanks to the innovative smart valve
• Easy to clean, you can even sterilize it with the bblüv Üvi
• Large mouth-piece allows full control over suction
• Comes in a practical and compact storage/travel case
• BPA & phthalate-free
• Dimensions (inches) : Box: 5.5" x 4"

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