Bbluv Umi Ultrasonic Air Humidifier/Purifier Celcius

by Bbluv
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Achieve the perfect comfort level in your child's bedroom with the BBLUV Cool Umi humidifier. With a superior and technologically advanced design, the humidifier requires no filter and adjusts automatically to maintain the preferred humidity level. An aroma and essential oil diffuser is included to provide a pleasant scent.

More Information

  • BBLUV's AST technology promises the highest level of sensor accuracy when measuring current room humidity levels
  • Built-in climate controls maintain the desired humidity levels throughout operation
  • Air purifier reduces bacteria proliferation to provide cleaner, fresher air to breathe
  • Backlit LCD screen gives real-time readings of the room's humidity and temperature levels
  • Large tank 1 litre capacity with 16-hour runtime and an automatic shutoff feature when water tank is empty
  • Adjustable cool mist levels with three intensity options, so you can cool off the surrounding air to your comfort level
  • Aroma and essential oil diffuser can be filled with your preferred room scent
  • Night light with changing colours promotes a soothing atmosphere in the child's room in the evening
  • Ultra-quiet operation will not disturb your child's sleep
  • Accommodates room areas up to a maximum of 538 square feet
  • Easy to maintain with no filters required to change for operation

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