Bbluv Umi Ultrasonic Air Humidifier/Purifier Celcius

by Bbluv
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# 628451387084

The Ümi is a 2 in 1 digital air humidifier and purifier that optimises the comfort level in your childs room. The ultrasonic purifying technology is ultra quiet, requires no filter and is Energy Efficient. It also has intelligent sensors to maintain a humidity level between 40% and 95% with an adjustable 3 intensity cool mist with touch panel and adjustable timer (1 to 4 hours). The Ümi has a large tank capacity (1 gal.) with 16 hours run time and covers an area up to 538 sq/ft.

  • Anion air purifier that reduces the proliferation of bacteria
  • Digital Humidistat that displays humidity and temperature levels
  • Low/empty water level auto shut-off feature
  • Soothing night light with changing colors and essential oil diffuser
  • Ultra-quiet, Energy Efficient and requires no filters for easy maintenance

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