Betta Baby Bottle Brain S3 - 240ml

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The innovative way that Bétta feeds your baby is that it allows them to sit upright and thus avoid any pain and discomfort around their neck and head. This allows your child to enjoy their milk in comfort, with the more natural posture, similar to breastfeeding, helping them to sit comfortably on your lap and minimize the risk of feeling bloated and sickly, as is common with a natural shaped feeder. The unique curve of Bétta bottles are doctor approved, and the milk flows naturally from the tip to your child’s mouth; preventing less air bubbles which can induce little burps and splutters. This lovely 240ml feeding bottle is made from PPSU with a stretchy silicon nipple that is heat resistant up to 180°C. When finished, eliminate any sticky messes with the handy screw-top cap, perfect for busy mums on the go. 


  • 240 ml PPSU curved bottle
  • Screw cap cover to eliminate mess
  • Eye catching and colourful design
  • Encourages natural bottle feeding
  • Doctor approved
  • Microwave safe

The Angle-Neck design of Betta Milk bottles has the following advantages: 
- Reduces accidental swallowing 
- Avoids Tympanitis from mis-swallowing 
- Reduces colic and discomfort of baby's tummy 
The design of Betta Brain Series nipple can stimulate brain development by encouraging the baby's sucking and biting movement which is highly recommended by the pediatrician and professionals in Japan. 

Suitable from New Born 
BPA Free 

Raw Material: 
Bottle Body-PPSU 
Nipple– Silicone 
Bottle Cover and Ring-Polypropylene 

Bottle Body x 1 
'X'/ Cross Hole Nipple x 1 
Bottle Cover x 1 
Bottle Ring x 1 

Heat-resistant temperature: 
The bottle: 180 degrees Celsius. 
Cover and Ring:120 degrees Celsius 
Nipple:120 degrees Celsius

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