Vape Bug Repellent Spray 200ml (6m+)

by Vape
# 4902424433081

SKIN and mosquito repellent spray bottle 200ml pink (peach flavor) used to spray on the skin of hands, feet, and neck. Effective in repelling mosquitoes and many other insects.

  • Do not spray directly on the face area (spray on hands and apply on face)
  • And do not use for babies under 6 months.

- Capacity: 200ml

  • Production: Japan
  • Uses of spraying mosquito and insect repellent spray SKIN 200ml:

    - Effective in repelling: Mosquitoes, fleas, dust mites, mites, black flies, bed bugs, .. 

    Instructions for use Spraying mosquito and insect repellent SKIN 200ml:

    - Do not spray directly on the face 

    - Leave the bottle at a distance of 10cm from the area to be sprayed, spray it evenly and use the hand to rub the area of the skin to be protected.

    - Do not use for babies under 6 months 

    - Only use 1 time / day for babies from 6 months to under 2 years

    - And use 1-3 times / day for children from 2 to under 12 years old 

    - Can be used for children 12 years and older, and for adults.


    - Products cannot replace drugs, and should not be misused too often, only used when absolutely necessary

    - Do not spray on food, toys, clothes, and surrounding objects 


    - Avoid sunlight and high temperature places

    - Avoid falling into eyes, or mouth

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