Summer Infant Close to Me Bassinet

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Your precious new baby can sleep safely by your side in the Summer Infant Close to Me bassinet. It offers 2-position adjustable incline and features side-to-side rocking motion, 2-speed vibration, and built-in lullabies and nature sounds to soothe your little one. Its legs slide under the bed and its height is adjustable to put baby right next to you at eye level.

More Information

  • Recommended for babies 0 to 5 months old
  • Maximum supported weight is 6.8kg (15lb.)
  • 2-position adjustable incline from 10-degrees to 30-degrees lets you elevate baby's head, which allows easier breathing and promotes better digestion, allowing for a more comfortable sleep
  • Adjusts easily to bed height so baby is reassuringly at eye level
  • Rocking motion from side-to-side lets you soothe your baby without getting out of bed yourself
  • 2-speed vibration, built-in lullabies, nature sounds, and a soft-glow nightlight help you comfort your baby
  • Breathable mesh sides allow for comfortable air flow
  • Enables easy transition to the crib by letting you gradually adjust the recline to introduce flat sleep
  • Supporting legs slide under the bed, so baby can sleep right by your side while remaining safe and secure
  • An ideal solution for breastfeeding and C-section moms

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