Summer infant Right Height Bath Centre 08974B

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Keep your baby clean and your back in line with the Summer Infant Right Height Bath Centre. Its sturdy platform elevates your little one to your level so you can reach them comfortably and without strain, and later converts to a step stool for bathing toddlers with the same ease.

More Information

  • Suitable for children aged 0-2 years
  • Newborn bath support allows baby to be positioned comfortably at the correct incline
  • Sturdy platform safely raises baby to parent's level, later converts to stand-alone kneeler or step stool
  • Locking tabs ensure a snug fit between tub and base
  • Wash with mild soap and warm water, rinse, and air dry
What you'll love about it: Raising your baby up to your level alleviates strain on your back and muscles, reducing the risk of injury and pain

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