Pigeon Baby Milk Lotion Moisture Plus - Fragrance Free 120ml

by Pigeon
# 4902508083898
A baby lotion containing "Pigeon Baby Lipid (*)", a moisturizing ingredient similar to baby's vernix.
A lotion that can be used by newborns, and is a milky lotion containing shea butter (moisturizing ingredient) that keeps you moisturized and rich.

It fits well on baby's skin, is not sticky even after application, and spreads well, so it can be applied evenly.

* Moisturizing ingredient: cholesteryl isostearate + ceramide NG.

Recommended for moisturizing the whole body after bathing.
A baby lotion that can be used by newborns.

Weakly acidic, non-colored, unscented. Paraben-free.
Skin irritation tested.

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