Pigeon Baby Brush & Sponge 04039

by Pigeon
# 4902508040327
Cleaning brush for plastic baby bottles.
A soft sponge material that does not damage plastic bottles.
The chewy, folded-shaped sponge removes stubborn stains on the bottom of the bottle.

There are two ways to wash, one is a rotary wash that can be washed quickly, and the other is a straight wash that can be washed everywhere.
The easy-to-grip handle has an angle that makes it easy to turn. You can quickly rotate and wash.
If you hold the handle and knob together, the brush will not rotate and you can wash straight.

It adheres to the inside of the bottle and can wash the shoulders of the bottle, which is difficult to wash.
The handle has a plastic coating and does not damage the bottle mouth.

* Can be used for both breastfeeding and slim type baby bottles.

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